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New Client: Plumen

By 29th May 2019 July 11th, 2019 No Comments

Wrapt are in love with Plumen lightbulbs! This UK based company make bulbs that are not only gorgeous pieces of contemporary design but also environmentally sound. We’ve shot online commercial spots for three of their products all based around the theme of the evolution of lighting.

The spot for the Plumen 001 features a flaming torch, a candle, an oil lamp, an Edison lightbulb and finally the gorgeous Plumen bulb that is a long lasting, LED and dimmable work of art.

Shooting this project in our favourite Manhattan sound stage Next Millennium, handily positioned between Soho and Little Italy, these spots involved several pre-emptive calls to the New York Fire Brigade and the turning off the smoke alarms! Shooting on an Arri Alexa at a cranked frame rates DOP Meg Kettel and her extraordinarily talented gaffer Alexa Harris Heramitsu, lit the lighting beautifully. With a complicated edit, online and grade deftly delivered by Ollie Landsdell and great music by Mighty Danny the 001 spot is now here.

The Plumen Wilma spot is about to launch. This featured the same concept as the 001 but with liquid morphs between the different light sources to emphasize the pleasing shape of the Wilma bulb on the final pack shot. Good work Ollie!

The final spot is for the Plumen 003, a truly outstanding light source. Wrapt now have these hanging in the kitchen. A single bulb emits two types of light, a soft, warm ambient light from the side of the filament and a clear white light directly below the filament. By way of example this means in a restaurant setting the light is kind to the diners faces but you can clearly see your food to eat. The bulb itself also looks spectacular, the perfect meeting of design and function.

This work is a really interesting example of how the lines between corporate video production and production for commercials is blurring. These spots work for any media including as 60 second commercials, POS website content and cutdowns for social media. Making beautiful digital content with a clear story and a strong aesthetic always makes us happy so we loved this job from top to bottom.