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New Commission: The Mayo Clinic

By 9th December 2019 No Comments

Recently our regular client AlixPartners came to us with a project that was both fun and meaningful. The eminent physician John Noseworthy M.D. sits on their board. John formerly ran the Mayo Clinic, a venerable institution that has been named by Newsweek as the world’s best hospital four years running. Such are the reputation and ground-breaking results of the Mayo Clinic that PBS recently commissioned documentary-making legend Ken Burns to make a feature documentary entitled The Mayo Clinic: Faith, Hope and Science. Our brief was to turn that 2 hour documentary into a high impact promo that summed up the ethos of the organisation in 60s or less!

John was asked to address the international retail industry and share universal insights into how we as human beings can best organise ourselves for success. As we’d worked with him previously on regular series AlixTalks we got the call.

Our work making corporate video, digital content and online commercials for our clients takes us all over the world (50+ countries and counting), we meet many different kinds of extraordinary people and learn about many topics that might otherwise pass us by.

The work of the Mayo Clinic was a fascinating topic to address. The hospital became a phenomena primarily because of the simplicity of its approach.

From the very inception of the institution they made their whole organisation patient centric. They treat the patient not the disease and put people at the heart of every process and procedure. This has revolutionised everything from surgical procedures, hospital layout design and medical record keeping.

Their second focus is on speed, an incredibly valuable commodity in healthcare where saving time saves lives. Efficiency in everything from data sharing to the distance between lab and operating theatre was addressed with this in mind.

Finally they advocate team work. All their medical professionals, unlike the rest of the US healthcare industry, are on salaries. They collaborate instead of competing for funds and apply a 360 degree approach to patient care.

So if we think about people first, don’t waste time and collaborate openly we can all be more successful. Words to live and work by! Good promo too…