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New Episode: Alixtalks

By 29th May 2019 July 11th, 2019 No Comments

Wrapt was happy to be back at Next Millennium in Manhattan along with some of our regular crew from Lucky Tiger shooting the next episode in interview series AlixTalks for our regular clients AlixPartners.

AlixPartners are a global business advisory firm with more than 20 offices around the world. We do a lot of corporate video production for them at the Head Office in New York and the office in London but we’ve also shot on their behalf in Miami, LA, Toronto, Dubai, Lugano and Frankfurt. We’ve made all kinds of digital content for them over the last three years ranging from sixty second spots to longer CSR videos and client case studies.

The season AlixTalks features AlixPartners CEO Simon Freakley in conversation with thought leaders from a variety of sectors to discuss the topics that really matter to business and beyond. It’s the centre piece of an engagement strategy to connect with other business leaders.

This episode sees Simon talk to world renown brain surgeon and former head of the Mayo Clinic, John Noseworthy. Every time we shoot one of these episodes we learn something new! John spoke eloquently on how caring for patients had taught him the principles by which he could then run one of the world’s best hospitals. The need to listen, to act decisively but compassionately and to treat the root cause not just the presenting symptom apply to human and business issues alike.

We shoot these interviews with a 3 camera wide screen set-up on a sound stage so we can film long uninterrupted takes and then cut them down to short, punchy durations required for the web in post. This maintains the energy and delivery of the conversation. Shooting at 4K allows us the opportunity to zoom into shots and create additional angles and cut points. All in all this makes for a stylish and lively interview in keeping with the premium nature of the AlixPartners brand.

Past interviewees in this series have included the economist Dambisa Moya, senior economics commentator of the Financial Times Martin Wolf and founder of the modern-day corporate investigations industry Jules Kroll. The season will continue into 2020.